Extracted from our internal rules

10.4.– This Establishment admits companion animals (pets), with the following conditions:

10.4.1.– The hotel admits a maximum of one pet per room. In order to stay at the hotel, animals must have a certain weight and size, except in the case of assistance dogs: The maximum weight allowed for the animal will be 15 Kg and average size. The accommodation of potentially dangerous dogs is not allowed in accordance with Law 50/1999 and other applicable regulations that develop it. For pets that are not the usual companion animals, the hotel must be consulted in advance, which will determine admissibility at its discretion.

10.4.2.- It is essential to notify the hotel in advance of arrival that the guest is traveling with a pet, in order to assign a room specially reserved for these cases.

10.4.3.- The hotel makes a surcharge of 5 euros/day to the rooms occupied by a pet, to cover the costs of cleaning, management and extra care that this entails. This surcharge does not give the right to request beds or specific utensils for the rest and stay of the pet, which must be provided by the client at their discretion, nor to use furniture, bed, bath or linen.

10.4.4.- The owner will be responsible for the damage caused by his pet to third parties and/or to the furniture, for which the hotel may request a guarantee credit card upon arrival and a contact telephone number.

10.4.5.- The guest must have all the legal documentation of the pet at the time of «check in», and may be required at any time by the hotel. The guest will ensure that pets do not interrupt or affect the tranquility of other guests. If the property determines that the pet is disruptive to other guests, the property may request, at its sole discretion, that the pet be housed off-site.

10.4.6.- To leave, enter or stay in the hotel’s common facilities, you must always keep your pet on a short leash.

10.4.7.- It is not allowed to leave the animal alone in the room, except for short justified periods (meals, spa treatments…)

10.4.8.- The room will not be cleaned while your pet is inside. 

10.4.9.- The owner of the pet will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic-sanitary conditions, as well as to dispose of the excrement and waste that the pet generates.

10.4.10.- In compliance with health legislation, pets are not allowed access to the dining room or places where food and drinks are served, except for assistance dogs, which will do so under the legally established conditions. The access of pets to the rest of the interior common areas of the hotel will be only for transit. Pets are not allowed to stay in the pool areas reserved for bathers, even when the pool is closed.

10.4.11.- It is not allowed to climb the animal to the bed, bathe your pets in the bathtubs or showers, or use the establishment’s towels to dry them.

In the event that the hotel staff detect traces of animal hair, odors or other signs due to the pet on the bed or bathroom linen, the cost of extra cleaning will be borne by the owner.

10.4.12.- The establishment may establish that the client signs a document accepting these conditions.