Internal regulation

Internal Regulation

VERSION 1.0 JUN, 11TH  DE 2022



    Chapter I of Andalusia’s Decree-law 13/2020, of 18 May,1 establishs, among other items, measures relating to hotel establishments includes arrangements for said establishments and the regulation of their technical and service provision conditions.

     In this regard, article 25 of this Decree-Law contains the following provisions:

    1. Hotel establishments must have internal regulations that establish mandatory rules

    for users during their stay, which may not contravene the provisions of Law 13/2011 of 23 December2 or this Chapter.

    1. The internal regulations will always be available to users and will be displayed in a

    visible and easily accessible place of the establishment in both Spanish and English, at least. These regulations must be published on the establishment’s own website, if one exists.

    1. The hotel establishment operating companies may seek assistance from the

    Security Forces to evict to evict anybody who breaches the internal regulations, breaks the usual rules of social coexistence or who intend to access the hotel establishments or remain inside for a purposes other than the normal use of the service, in accordance with the stipulations of article 36.4 of Law 13/2011, of 23 December.

    1. The internal regulations will specify a minimum of the following:
    2. a) Admission conditions.
    3. b) Rules of coexistence and operation.

                (c) Information about the administrative organisation and management

    personnel to be contacted in matters relating to the operation of the establishment.

                (d) List of supplementary services provided by companies other than the

    operating entity and identification of the companies responsible for providing them.

     (e) Information to users about the facilities or services that pose a risk and

    about the safety measures taken in this regard.

     (f) Admission of animals and conditions for their admission.

     (g) In general, all circumstances that allow and favors the normal enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services.


     To comply with an implement this Decree-Law, this hotel establishment has drawn up these Internal Regulations that set out these mandatory rules that users must follow during their stay; these people are hereinafter known as Guests. These Regulations are available to you, as a Guest, at all times in both their Spanish and

    English language versions. They can be found on the notice board located in the

    reception area, as well as on our website.



    Conditions of admission


    Article 1.- Conditions of admission. 

    1.1.- This hotel is considered, for all purposes, as an establishment for public use, although admission or stays may be denied: a) Due to a lack of accommodation capacity or facilities. b) Due to a failure to meet the admission requirements. c) For engaging in behaviour that may cause danger or annoyance to other people, whether they are users or not, or that hinders the normal running of the activity.

    1.2.- Our establishment will seek the help of the Security Forces to evict those who do not follow these Internal Regulations; those who do not follow the rules for social coexistence; or those who intend to access or stay at the Hotel for a purpose other than the normal use of the service.


    Article 2.- Admission requirements.

    2.1.- Properly completing the admission document upon arrival at the Hotel will be a prerequisite for making use of the hotel room; this is when you will be informed of your rights and obligations as a Guest, as well as of the existence of these Internal Regulations.

    2.2.- When completing the admission document, you must present an official document that identifies you and that will also allow the Hotel to complete the corresponding check-in entry form in accordance with current regulations on registration books and check-in entries for travellers. Once the admission document has been completed you will be given your copy, which will include a minimum of the establishment’s name, classification and registration code in the Andalusian Tourism Register, the identification of the room, the number of people who will occupy it, the check-in and check-out dates, the contracted meal system and, if the accommodation contract has been signed directly between you and the Hotel, the total price of the contracted stay. In this case you will be given the corresponding original contract document.

    Article 3.- Rights. You have the following rights as a Guest of this establishment:

    1. a) To be given true, sufficient, understandable and unequivocal information, prior to contracting the accommodation period, as well as information about the full final price, including taxes, with a breakdown of the amounts of surcharges and discounts and surcharges that may apply to any offer.
    2. b) To obtain documents setting out the terms of the contract.
    3. c) To access our Establishment under the contracted terms.
    4. d) To receive the services under the agreed conditions.
    5. e) To have your safety and that of your property duly guaranteed at our hotel, along with your privacy; to be informed of any circumstantial inconvenience that could affect your rest and peace and quiet.
    6. f) To be given information on any facilities or services that pose a risk and the safety measures that have been adopted.
    7. g) To be given an invoice or ticket for the price paid for the services provided. July/2020 version 4
    8. h) To make complaints and claims and to obtain information about their filing and processing procedure.
    9. i) To consult the terms of the privacy policy published on our website.


    Article 4.- Obligations.

    You have the following obligations as a Guest of this establishment:

    1. a) Follow the coexistence and hygiene rules.
    2. b) Respect these internal rules.
    3. c) Respect the agreed date of check-out from the Establishment by leaving the room unoccupied.
    4. d) To pay for the contracted services upon receiving the invoice or within the agreed period; filing a complaint goes not imply exemption from payment.
    5. e) Respect this establishment, its facilities and equipment.
    6. f) Respect the environment.
    7. g) Respect any age-restricted areas and facilities, and those subject to contracted rates.





    Rules of operation and coexistence


    Article 5.- Booking.

    5.1.- All bookings will include the date of the stay, the number and type of room(s) with their meal system, cancellation policy and additionally contracted supplementary services; bookings will also state the total price and its breakdown for each of these items, unless you have been offered an agreed overall price as a package.

     5.2.- Before making your booking you will be informed of your rights and obligations, including the cancellation policy for your booking, by the same means used to make it, or another means selected by you, as per the following conditions:

    1. a) If the booking is cancelled less than two days in advance, you will be required to pay one night’s stay for every ten nights or fraction thereof.
    2. b) If you leave the booked room before the date until which it was booked, you will be billed for any services provided up until that time, plus a penalty charge of one night of every ten, or fraction thereof, of the uncompleted stay.
    3. c) Any previously agreed conditions shall be applied in the case of nonrefundable rates.
    4. d) If the booking is cancelled due to circumstances of force majeure, including a health crisis or emergency affecting your place of residence or the place where this Establishment is located, the provisions of paragraphs a) and b) will not apply and you will be given a voucher, expiring in one year, for a stay at another time and under the same conditions, albeit subject to availability.

     5.3.- Our confirmation of your booking shall be considered as a tourist accommodation contract; a physical or electronic record of this will be available to you.

     5.4.- Once you have received your booking confirmation, we will make the booked room type available to you on the agreed date. July/2020 version 5

     5.5.a.- If we confirm your booking without requiring any down payment as a deposit, it will be kept until the agreed time. If not agreed otherwise, the booking will be held until 8 pm on the stated day.

     5.5.b.- If you have paid the down payment as a deposit, your booking will be held with no time limit for the number of days covered by the amount of the deposit, unless agreed otherwise.


    Article 6.- Price.

     6.1.- You, as the Guest, must pay for the contracted services upon receiving the invoice or within the agreed period; filing a complaint goes not imply exemption from payment. For stays of more than one week, services may be invoiced weekly.

     6.2.- Payment of the price can be made by prior bank transfer; bank card 3 or in cash up to the amount limit in force at any given time, according to the law.

     6.3.- If payment for services is required prior their provision, we will expressly state this in our advertising.

    6.4.- This hotel only accepts the following bank cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO

    6.5.- We reserve the right to require that you make a down payment of the price as a deposit when making a booking, which will be understood as a payment on account of the amount resulting from the services provided.


    Article 7.- Occupancy period.

     7.1.-As a guest, you will be entitled to occupy the room from 14:00 on the first day of the contracted period until midday on the indicated check-out day.  On dates of maximum occupancy of the establishment, the handover of your room may be delayed by a period of time not exceeding one hour. In any case, you will be able to access our Establishment’s shared facilities from midday on your day of arrival.

     7.2.- Unless otherwise agreed, if you stay in your room for longer than the contracted time you will be under the obligation to pay the established «late checkout» amount.

     7.3.- You may stay for more days than those specific on the admission document, provided that this is agreed in advance on the basis of availability. If agreed, it will be understood as an extension of the first contract and this will be stated on a new admission document.

     7.4.- Two people will not be allowed to occupy and stay in a double room

    contracted as a single. In this case, the rate established for double use will be paid.


    Article 8.- Room safety deposit box and safe service.

    The hotel has, at reception desk, a security safe box service for the introduction of money or valuables. Our Hotel is not responsible for the loss or theft of money or valuables that are not deposited against receipt in the reception safe.

    Article 9.- Room cleaning service

    The room cleaning service is provided daily, from 9 am to 3 pm

    Article 10.- Prohibitions.

    10.1.- Two people will not be allowed to occupy and stay in a double room contracted as a single. In this case, the rate established for double use will be paid.

    10.2.- Smoking is prohibited throughout the Establishment, with the exception of outdoor areas and room balconies. The apartments are strictly non-smoking

    10.3.- Ball games and similar games are prohibited in areas not specifically

    provided for this purpose.

    10.4.- This Establishment admits companion animals (pets), with the following conditions:

    10.4.1.- The hotel admits a maximum of one pet per room. In order to stay at the hotel, animals must have a certain weight and size, except in the case of assistance dogs: The maximum weight allowed for the animal will be 15 Kg and average size. The accommodation of potentially dangerous dogs is not allowed in accordance with Law 50/1999 and other applicable regulations that develop it. For pets that are not the usual companion animals, the hotel must be consulted in advance, which will determine admissibility at its discretion.

    10.4.2.- It is essential to notify the hotel in advance of arrival that the guest is traveling with a pet, in order to assign a room specially reserved for these cases.

    10.4.3.- The hotel makes a surcharge of 5 euros/day to the rooms occupied by a pet, to cover the costs of cleaning, management and extra care that this entails. This surcharge does not give the right to request beds or specific utensils for the rest and stay of the pet, which must be provided by the client at their discretion, nor to use furniture, bed, bath or linen.

    10.4.4.- The owner will be responsible for the damage caused by his pet to third parties and/or to the furniture, for which the hotel may request a guarantee credit card upon arrival and a contact telephone number.

    10.4.5.- The guest must have all the legal documentation of the pet at the time of «check in», and may be required at any time by the hotel. The guest will ensure that pets do not interrupt or affect the tranquility of other guests. If the property determines that the pet is disruptive to other guests, the property may request, at its sole discretion, that the pet be housed off-site.

    10.4.6.- To leave, enter or stay in the hotel’s common facilities, you must always keep your pet on a short leash.

    10.4.7.- It is not allowed to leave the animal alone in the room, except for short justified periods (meals, spa treatments…)

    10.4.8.- The room will not be cleaned while your pet is inside.

    10.4.9.- The owner of the pet will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic-sanitary conditions, as well as to dispose of the excrement and waste that the pet generates.

    10.4.10.- In compliance with health legislation, pets are not allowed access to the dining room or places where food and drinks are served, except for assistance dogs, which will do so under the legally established conditions. The access of pets to the rest of the interior common areas of the hotel will be only for transit. Pets are not allowed to stay in the pool areas reserved for bathers, even when the pool is closed.

    10.4.11.- It is not allowed to climb the animal to the bed, bathe your pets in the bathtubs or showers, or use the establishment’s towels to dry them.

    In the event that the hotel staff detect traces of animal hair, odors or other signs due to the pet on the bed or bathroom linen, the cost of extra cleaning will be borne by the owner.

    10.4.12.- The establishment may establish that the client signs a document accepting these conditions.



    Article 11.- Restrictions.

    11.1.- Access to Hotel zones or facilities will be restricted:

    1. a) When the established capacity has been reached and there is no access availability due to restricted capacity.
    2. b) After the closing time of the zone or facility.
    3. c) If the person in question is younger than the minimum age established for access to the area or facility, according to the regulations in force.
    4. d) If the person in question has a violent attitude, particularly if he/she behaves aggressively or provokes altercations.
    5. e) If dangerous or annoying situations are caused to other users, or hygiene conditions are not met. In particular, anybody who is consuming drugs or narcotic or psychotropic substances, or who shows symptoms of having consumed them, as well as anybody showing signs of behaviour suggesting that they are drunk, will be prevented from accessing or remaining in the zones or facilities.
    6. f) If the person in question wears clothing or symbols that incite violence, racism or xenophobia, or does not wear the clothing required for the zone or facility.


    11.2.- This Establishment may seek assistance from the Security Forces to evict anybody who fails to comply with any of the restrictions listed in the previous section.

    11.3.- Any Guests who find themselves in any of the situations set out in section 9.1 of this article shall be under the obligation to pay any expenses that are generated 7 up until the time that their access to, or stay in the zone or facility of the Hotel is prohibited.


    Article 12.- Basic clothing and cleanliness rules.

     12.1.- With the exception of the sunbed and swimming pool, Guests must wear suitable clothing.

     12.2.- It is forbidden to walk barefoot in the establishment, with the exception of swimming pool area.

     12.3.- Waste bins and ashtrays must be used.


    Article 13.- Advice and suggestions

    1. Keep an eye on your luggage. Do not leave it unattended.
    2. Keep an eye on your belongings when at the pool. Do not leave them unattended.
    3. Keep the door closed when you’re in your room. Lock the door when you leave your room and try to open it again to ensure that it is properly locked, even if you will only be away for a short time.
    4. Close your luggage when not using it and place it in your closet. If your luggage has a lock, always use it.
    5. Never leave jewellery, cash or valuables on display in your room.
    6. Immediately notify the Hotel’s Management of any abnormal occurrence, such as: people acting in a suspicious way in the corridor, repeated phone calls from people who do not identify themselves, people who you don’t know knocking on your room’s door, or nobody at the door when you open it.
    7. If you forget or lose your key, only the reception staff is authorised to give you a new key to open your room.


    1. If you smoke on your room’s terrace, our safety measures require you to put out your cigarette before going inside to rest.
    2. Don’t get annoyed if Reception asks for your ID if you ask for a new key. It’s for your own safety.
    3. Do not reveal the name of the Establishment or your room number when socially interacting with strangers.
    4. Never allow people in your room with unsolicited deliveries.
    5. Never discuss specific plans for future excursions, outings, etc., in public or with strangers.
    6. If you do not wish to be disturbed, hang up the «Please do not disturb» sign.
    7. Please contact reception if you discover any type of wear or abnormality.
    8. The electrical installation in your room is 220 volts.
    9. Respect the room areas during night-time and siesta hours and, in general, avoid making unnecessary noise.
    10. Please make proper use of the facilities, with respect for the Hotel’s furniture and gardens.
    11. Please respect the opening hours of all the Hotel’s facilities.
    12. We would appreciate your participation in any incident and evacuation drill while you are staying at the Establishment.
    13. Some opening hours may change depending on the time of year.



    Information about the administrative organisation of the hotel


    Article 14.- Miscellaneous doubts and issues.

    Whenever you have any doubts or questions about the operation of our Hotel, just ask

    the Reception staff who will be happy to clear them up for you. In their absence, please contact the staff authorised to answer your question or clear up your doubt. The Hotel’s manager is the person with maximum responsibility for this.




    Information about supplementary services other than those provided directly by the Hotel


    Article 15.- Services provided by third parties.

     15.1.- Our establishment offers you a range of tours, services and experiences

    provided by companies other than the Hotel’s operator. Information about these is

    available at Reception or our web page

     15.2.- This Hotel accepts no liability for services provided by companies other

    than the operator of this Establishment.

     15.3.- The schedules of activities and musical performances may be changed

    without prior notice.



    Information about other services provided directly by the Hotel


    Article 16.- Services provided by the Hotel

     16.1.- This Hotel offers the following services to Guests: Car Park and Garage;

    Laundry; Restaurant and Bar; Swimming Pool.

     16.2.- The rules for using each service are set out below:



     In your room you will find information about the terms and conditions of these services, their prices and delivery and return times. This

    Establishment accepts no liability for garments that shrink, lose their colour or deteriorate due to their conditions or usage compositions



    This service is enabled exclusively for Hotel users and subject to the availability of parking spaces. The parking areas are closed at night, remaining open the rest of the time. It is a free service. When parking the vehicle, a single parking space must be occupied. The establishment is not responsible for damage, theft or other damage caused to parked vehicles. The client must evaluate the hotel’s parking area and decide if it has the appropriate characteristics to park their car and, in that case, use this free service.



    Breakfast hours are from 08:30 h. to 11:00 a.m. For the rest of the meals, consult schedules upon arrival as they changes in each season of the year. There is no dining room service.



    • The swimming pool is open from 11 am to 8.30 pm in summer, and from 11 am to

    8 pm for the rest of the season.

    • Access to the pool will only be allowed to guests staying at the Hotel Andalucía, guests of the neighboring Hotel Central, and those who have paid the access fee if it is fixed. The entry of street vendors and/or external masseuses is not allowed.
    • The use of the shower is mandatory before bathing in the pool.
    • Even though there is a lifeguard, all children under 12 years of age must always bath in the presence of a person in charge and under their specific supervision. This surveillance will be maintained for activities carried out outside the pool.
    • The small pool is reserved for children under 8 years of age.
    • The bathroom is not allowed for people who could suffer from infectious-contagious diseases.
    • Balls, mats, etc. can not be used in the pool, except floats for children, unless the lifeguard allows their use due to low number of bather.
    • The use of pool sunbeds may be subject to a deposit for use and/or collection of a small daily rent, in order that their occupation and use is moderate. The Establishment has a policy of «No sunbeds Reservations» so that all users have access to them, although it is allowed to place towels or objects as long as the client is absent for a short time. The staff of the Establishment may remove items from the sunbeds that are not used for two consecutive hours, provided that there are other users waiting to occupy them; thus, the personal belongings will be transferred and deposited in the pool warehouses.
    • We provide you with towels for the exclusive use of the swimming pool on deposit and/or for a low price. If you do not return the towel, at the time of «check out», a charge of €10.00 per towel not delivered will be made on the invoice.
    • It is forbidden to introduce glasses or other glass objects in the pool area, except on the bar terrace. The consumption of food and drinks in the pool is prohibited, if they have not been purchased at any point of sale of the Hotel Establishment.
    • Please make use of the bins and ashtrays.




    The bar located next to the pool will open at least between June 15 and September 15 with minimum hours from 12 to 8 p.m. It provides services by the Snack Bar modality. In no case are the services it provides a substitute for those provided in the Restaurant for those clients who have contracted full board or half board. It is possible to charge services to the customer account.



    CAPITULO V Información a las personas usuarias sobre las instalaciones o servicios que supongan algún riesgo y de las medidas de seguridad adoptadas al respecto.


    Artículo 17.- Seguridad sobre instalaciones y servicios.

    17.1.- Todas las instalaciones o servicios de nuestro Hotel están equipados de medidas que favorecen o garantizan su seguridad en todo momento.

    17.2.- No obstante, si considera que el uso de alguna instalación o servicio puede suponer cualquier riesgo para su salud o para su integridad física, le rogamos encarecidamente que contacte con nuestro servicio de Atención al Cliente para que le informe y disipe cualquier cuestión que le haya suscitado al respecto.

    17.3.- De cualquier modo, si siente dudas acerca de que el uso de alguna instalación o servicio pueda suponerle riesgos para su salud o para su integridad física, opte por otro servicio o instalación.






    Information to users about the facilities or services that pose a risk and about the

    safety measures taken in this regard.


    Article 17.- Safety of facilities and services.

    17.1.- All of our Hotel’s facilities are equipped with measures to favour or guarantee your safety at all times.

    17.2.- However, if you believe that the use of any facility or service could pose any risk to your health or physical integrity, we urge you to contact our Guest Services department who will be able to advise you and answer any questions you may have regarding this matter.

    17.3.- In any case, if you are in doubt about whether the use of any facility or service could endanger your health or physical integrity, select another service or facility.



    Health emergencies or crises


    Article 18.- Action protocols in the event of emergencies or health crises.


    18.1.- In the event that the Authorities declare an emergency or health crisis situation that affects the normal running of our Hotel, this will be announced on our web page so that, as a Client, you are aware of the measures to be adopted and comply with them.

    18.2.- The Client who, in a situation of emergency or health crisis declared by the Authorities, fails to comply with the measures, obligatory or recommended, that have been adopted in this Establishment may cause the immediate termination of their accommodation contract; their stay being cancelled without the right to any refund, and with notice to the competent Authority.




    Article 19.- Personal data. The personal data of the Clients will be processed for the purposes of booking, provision and collection of hotel services and, in the case of having their express consent, sending information about offers and services of the Hotel; and they may exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion (forgetting), data portability, limitation and opposition to their processing, by simply requesting it by any means to the hotel establishment in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (RGPD) and Organic Law (ES) 3/2018 (LOPDGDD).